Not all ingredients are created equal. Some products may claim that they are organic or natural but can be far from either. Certain products may be processed by using harsh chemicals to extract oils from plants or by using hydrogen peroxide to bleach bees wax leaving a residue of chemicals and pesticides. This is where nūdus makes the difference and goes that extra mile to ensure your protection and safety.

We don’t rest until we have the best, and we are very proud to say that we are the very first company in Australia to have the COSMOS Organic certification on our lipsticks, certified by Australian Certified Organic (ACO). The ACO is the most recognized certification body in the whole of Australia and through out the world.

The certification process in its self is a long and challenging road, which explains why most companies don’t or can’t gain this accomplishment.  You are important to us so we went the distance for you to have a product you can trust, enjoy and benefit from.

As a company we get audited once a year to make sure we adhere to the strict standards of the certification. We always have full traceability of all ingredients and we know where they come from and most importantly how they are processed.  This is true peace of mind for us and more importantly for you.