organic lipstick

14 July 2014
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make-up tips from Cassie Matthews featuring ‘halo’ from nūdus

14 July 2014, Comments 0

Cassie Matthews shows off a quick make-up tip she uses to create an amazing look. She finishes off the look by using nūdus ‘halo’ […]

1 May 2014
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nūdus interviewed by the ACO

1 May 2014, Comments 14

Source taken from the Australian Organic Website (ACO) Click here to access the page or read it here. Ask the founder of any organic […]

7 April 2014
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welcome to nūdus

7 April 2014, Comments 2

welcome to nūdus! We are super excited to be launching the amazing ‘lip euphoria range’. Inspired to help all the women around world, I bring […]