18 August 2014
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Think twice before you put anything on your skin!

18 August 2014, Comments 27

  Think twice before you put anything on your skin as your skin absorbs chemicals up to 10 times faster than by way of […]

14 July 2014
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make-up tips from Cassie Matthews featuring ‘halo’ from nūdus

14 July 2014, Comments 0

Cassie Matthews shows off a quick make-up tip she uses to create an amazing look. She finishes off the look by using nūdus ‘halo’ […]

1 May 2014
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nūdus interviewed by the ACO

1 May 2014, Comments 14

Source taken from the Australian Organic Website (ACO) Click here to access the page or read it here. Ask the founder of any organic […]

7 April 2014
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welcome to nūdus

7 April 2014, Comments 2

welcome to nūdus! We are super excited to be launching the amazing ‘lip euphoria range’. Inspired to help all the women around world, I bring […]

7 April 2014
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7 April 2014, Comments 0

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